ACC Clear Anti-Fog Coatings

ACC CLEAR™ coatings are custom formulated to meet a wide range of performance requirements. Our anti-fog coatings will perform on virtually all substrates to your exact specifications, from 15 minutes to over 4 hours over hot steam, and over 2 months on cold fog applications.


Water based and solvent based formulations are available, specifically designed for wash coat, roll coat, spray coat, and pattern print applications.


  • Instant Clarity: ACC Clear™ Anti-Fog coating delivers immediate, long lasting anti-fog response.

  • Thermoformable: ACC Clear™ Anti-Fog coatings are applied directly to the sheet and can withstand the heat and stretch of the thermoforming cycle.

  • Heat Sealable: ACC Clear™ Anti-Fog coating makes a finished product that is 100% heat sealable eliminating the need to “pattern print” and register the anti-fog coating on press.

  • FDA Compliant: ACC Clear™ Anti-Fog coating offers FDA compliance for direct food contact in accordance with food additive regulations. This product is also Kosher certifiable.



The Difference is CLEAR!



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