ACC O₂X™ Barrier Coatings




ACC O₂X™ Oxygen Barrier coatings provide industry leading barrier technology in an easy to use form. This unique product allows for custom formulation of printable barrier coatings using flexographic or rotogravure presses for Flexible Packaging applications, or using dip/squeegee, roller coater, and spray-type equipment for Rigid Thermoformable applications.


ACC O₂X™ coatings are formulated with our “Seal-Thru™” technology that won't interfere with seal bonds, and can withstand the heat and stretch of the thermoforming cycle.


ACC O₂X™ Oxygen Barrier Coating is supplied in convenient, ready-to-use form and available in 440lb drums or 2200lb totes for easy handling and storage.

The Difference is CLEAR!