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ACC's topically applied coatings provide significant cost and performance advantages over in-resin materials, with instant anti-fog response and a smaller raw material footprint for your operation.Our Research and Development lab will design, prove, and bring to press the solution you are looking for.  Our experienced support team works with you and your team, on your equipment, to ensure smooth transition from trial to production.


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ACC Clear Anti-Fog Coatings

ACC CLEAR™ coatings are custom formulated to meet a wide range of performance requirements. Our anti-fog coatings will perform on virtually all substrates to your exact specifications, from 15 minutes to over 4 hours over hot steam, and over 2 months on cold fog applications.

Water based and solvent based formulations are available, specifically designed for wash coat, roll coat, spray coat, and pattern print applications.

  • Instant Clarity: ACC Clear™ Anti-Fog coating delivers immediate, long lasting anti-fog response.

  • Thermoformable: ACC Clear™ Anti-Fog coatings are applied directly to the sheet and can withstand the heat and stretch of the thermoforming cycle.

  • Heat Sealable: ACC Clear™ Anti-Fog coating makes a finished product that is 100% heat sealable eliminating the need to “pattern print” and register the anti-fog coating on press.

  • FDA Compliant: ACC Clear™ Anti-Fog coating offers FDA compliance for direct food contact in accordance with food additive regulations. This product is also Kosher certifiable.


ACC Stat-X™Anti-Static Coatings

ACC Stat-X™ is a 100% seal through, press-ready solution that eliminates the need to “pattern print” and register the anti-static coating on press. ACC Stat-X™ Anti-Stat Coating is ideal for use with Flexible Packaging applications requiring broad FDA compliance.

ACC Stat-X™ Anti-static technology is ideal for use in both Flexible packaging applications requiring broad FDA compliance or with Rigid Thermoformable applications requiring exceptional clarity and slip/denesting properties for efficient machinability.


ACC ProSlip™ Release Coating

ACC ProSlip™ Seal-Thru Release Coatings are formulated concentrates, providing  superior slip and denesting properties to meet todays most demanding applications.  Unlike traditional silicone emulsions, our ACC ProSlip™ technology does not interfere with seal bonds, keeping your engineered package as designed when used in conjunction with lidding films or labeling stock.

ACC ProSlip™ Release Coatings are supplied in concentrate form, ready to mix with water, and available in 440 LB drums or 2200 LB totes for easy handling and storage.


ACC UltraMatte™ and UltraShine™

ACC UltraMatte™ matte  coatings provide highly effective matting or flattening properties to packaging substrates for low-gloss applications.

ACC UltraShine™ Gloss coatings significantly enhance the gloss and sheen of packaging substrates.

ACC ULTRA MATTE™ and ACC UltraShine™ coatings are supplied in convenient, ready-to-use form and available in 440 LB drums or 2200 LB totes for easy handling and storage.


ACC O₂X™ Barrier Coatings

ACC O₂X™ Oxygen Barrier coatings provide industry leading barrier technology in an easy to use form. This unique product allows for custom formulation of printable barrier coatings using flexographic or rotogravure presses for Flexible Packaging applications, or using dip/squeegee, roller coater, and spray-type equipment for Rigid Thermoformable applications.

ACC O₂X™ coatings are formulated with our “Seal-Thru™” technology that won't interfere with seal bonds, and can withstand the heat and stretch of the thermoforming cycle.

ACC O₂X™ Oxygen Barrier Coating is supplied in convenient, ready-to-use form and available in 440lb drums or 2200lb totes for easy handling and storage.


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