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    Topically Applied Coatings

    ACC Coatings, an industry-leading specialty coating’s company, designs, develops and manufactures functional coatings for plastic, paper and composites. If a current product does not suit your application, we will custom tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.

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    The highly respected technical consultants at ACC Coatings collaborate closely with you to develop the optimal solution for your application. But that’s not all! Our experienced support team works with you, on your equipment, to ensure a smooth transition from the trial phase to commercial start-ups.

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    Specialty Coating Company with a Clear Difference

    Clients who utilize our custom-tailored coatings receive a superior product that is designed specifically for their end-use application and existing coating equipment. Our technical support team goes above and beyond to ensure that the final product not only meets, but also exceeds, our clients’ and their customers’ expectations. For a coating that adds value and functionality to your end-use products, look no further than ACC Coatings!

    Benefits to Brand Owners from the Coating Specialists

    Brand owners in the food, health and consumer goods industries rely on ACC Coatings for packaging that provides enhanced functionality while distinguishing their brands from those of their competitors. Exceptional and eye-catching packaging can increase sales and revenue.

    Our topical coatings are applied using common coating equipment that is found in our clients’ facilities. Topical coatings eliminate the need for in-resin or masterbatch additives, which are often used at high loadings and often impart significant negative impacts to the intrinsic properties of the substrate. Our topical coatings achieve better results at much lower usage rates, resulting in a final product that has vastly improved performance at a lower cost.