Slip and Release Coatings

Topical Silicone, Low-Silicone and Multi-Functional Release Coatings

ACC ProRelease™ Coatings

ACC ProRelease™ is our line of silicone and low-silicone products that offers exceptional clarity and drying compared to standard silicone coatings. Silicone release coatings provide the necessary slip and release properties for processing, storage and functionality of your polymeric sheet. Our ProRelease coatings also allow for exceptional release from thermoforming molds, allow for stacks of formed parts to denest easily, and can even help prevent food, candies and various other contents from sticking to your packaging. 

ACC ProSlip™ Coatings

These multifunctional release coatings are formulated concentrates that provide end-users with superior slip and denesting properties to meet today’s demanding applications. Unlike traditional silicone emulsions, our ACC ProSlip™ technology does not interfere with seal bonds, keeping your engineered package as designed.

Our ACC ProSlip technology is printing-ink receptive to many widely used solvent, water-based and UV-curable ink systems. This feature allows you to incorporate eye-catching graphics without sacrificing the slip and denesting properties required for efficient processing. Our ACC ProSlip technology also serves as a cost-effective alternative to internal anti-blocking additives.

ACC ProSlip Release coatings exhibit seal-through properties, which allows coated sheet and film to be used in laminated structures or in conjunction with lidding film applications and PSA labels.

Benefits of ACC Slip and Release Coatings

Versatile. Our ProRelease and ProSlip coatings deliver proven performance for a wide array of substrates including, but not limited to, APET, RPET, OPS, HIPS, PP, PE, PLA and CO-Ex films.

FDA Compliant. ACC slip and release coatings offer FDA compliance for direct food contact applications in accordance with food additive regulations.

No Special Equipment Required. You can apply our coatings with your existing equipment, including roll coaters, dip/squeegee, spray, Flexo and Rotogravure machines. 


Our Slip and Release Coating Applications

ACC ProRelease and ProSlip water-based release coatings are used in many applications, including:

  • Processing aid
  • Packaging denesting/demold agent
  • Seal-through applications that require slip and denesting
  • Packaging that needs to be printed over
  • Label coating for easy release of the label from the liner
  • … and more


ACC Slip and Release Coatings Downloads

ACC ProSlip™ Release Coatings: Printable, Seal-Thru, Slip & Release Coatings for Packaging When Silicone Can’t, ACC ProSlip Can!