Custom Development

Custom Performance Coating

Custom Coating Development from ACC Coatings

Off-the-shelf coatings have been tested over the years, so their use comes without risk. But is minimal risk the best reason to select a product? While in-stock coatings may not be risky, they were developed to meet everyone’s minimal needs, which makes them mediocre at best.

Isn’t it time to consider a customized coating from ACC Coatings? Our coating engineering team develops coatings specifically for each client’s unique needs, capabilities and existing equipment, which significantly improves the end-use product. A higher-quality product sets you apart from your competitors in a way that using off-the-shelf coatings with so-so results cannot.

Coating Engineers with Expertise and Knowledge

Some of the world’s most brilliant coating chemists and technicians work for ACC Coatings. With more than 100 years of combined knowledge and experience in the industry, the team will develop a coating for you that not only meets your specific needs but also may even exceed your expectations. 

The core technologies behind our custom coatings are built on innovative and proprietary chemistry harnessed from years of sound R&D work across various fields of study. Their customization involves tailoring that technology to your unique needs, capabilities, and equipment, creating a product that far exceeds what is commercially available. 

Consider Custom Coating Development Services

What should you be thinking about when considering customized coatings? Here is a list of items to ponder before beginning your ACC Coatings project:

  • What is lacking in your current product(s)
  • Functionalities and/or properties you want
  • Desired coating type
    • Solvent- or water-based
    • Hybrid
  • High-level functionalities
    • Anti-fog
    • Anti-static
    • Printable surface
    • Slip/release
    • Demold/denesting
    • Barrier
    • Gloss and/or texture
  • Base-level properties
    • FDA compliance
    • Clarity
    • Viscosity
    • Base adhesion
    • No VOCs
    • Sustainability
    • Compostability