Specialty Custom Coating Services

Don’t Limit Yourself to Off-the-Shelf Coating Products

In-stock coatings are designed to meet the general needs of many customers. While they may work in some cases, off-the-shelf products are not optimal for every company, especially those with atypical applications or custom equipment, or those that manufacture products with above-average performance needs.

At ACC Coatings, we provide on-site technical consultative services — free of charge — to help our clients implement or improve the coating application process with respect to:

  • Coating equipment
  • Drying
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Quality controls

Custom-Tailored Specialty Coatings from ACC Coatings

As a specialty coating contractor, we offer custom coating development at no charge. Yes, you read that correctly: You will not receive a bill for this service! We provide customization to help our customers:

  • Meet their specific coating needs
  • Implement a coating program
  • Improve current coating application processes
  • Assist in developing quality assurance protocols

Are you ready to discuss your coating needs with ACC Coatings? Our R&D lab will design, prove and bring to press the solution you are seeking. Our experienced support team works with you and your team, on your equipment, to ensure a smooth transition from the trial phase to commercial start-up. Begin your project today!