Expand Your Thermoforming Applications

Why Thermoformers Need ACC Coatings

Thermoforming processors that lack extrusion capabilities must rely on their sheet suppliers to achieve the functionalities and properties required to effectively produce, process and market thermoformed parts to the consumer.

With the assistance of ACC Coatings, thermoformers take control of the products they manufacture. Customers with coating equipment readily available on their thermoformer lines can easily accomplish this goal. ACC wants to help you maximize your potential by assisting with your process and showing you how to incorporate our technologies.  

Thermoformer Coating Application

Our technologies are applied prior to thermoforming on flat sheet. Our coating products:

  • Withstand the heat and stretch of the thermoforming cycle
  • Have built-in slip, demold and denesting properties necessary for efficient processing
  • Avoid the unsafe practice of spray-applied coatings post-forming by eliminating:
    • Atomization of products in the plant environment
    • Overspray that can cause slip and fall hazards
    • The mess that requires constant cleanup and maintenance

Benefits of Our Coatings for Thermoformers

  • Value-added functionalities on your parts will win over your customers and ultimately the consumer
  • ACC’s topical coatings can be utilized on thermoforming lines where in-resin or masterbatch additives cannot be applied
  • Our technologies help thermoformers achieve properties and functionalities that their sheet providers may not be able to provide or may be considered cost prohibited