Injection Molding

Topical Coatings for Injection Molders

Why Injection Molders Need ACC Coatings

Injection molders are often forced to rely on costly in-resin or masterbatch additives to achieve the functionalities and properties required to effectively produce, process and market injection molded parts to the consumer. ACC Coatings helps injection molders improve their products and ultimately reduce their costs. Let us show you how our specialty coatings and proprietary technologies will help you meet your business goals. 

Injection Molding Coating Application

With ACC’s value-added functionalities, your products will please your customers and, ultimately, the end-user. In fact, our technologies help injection molders achieve properties and functionalities that their resin or additive supplier may be unable to provide.

Our technologies can be applied successfully post-mold via spray or pad-printing processes. Our ACC Coatings technicians are eager to assist you regarding the best method of application if one does not currently exist. Call to set up a consultation at your convenience.

Benefits of Our Coatings for Injection Molders

Our topical coatings provide significant advantages over in-resin and masterbatch additives. An ACC coating:

  • Does not interfere with the material’s polymer matrix
  • Has no impact on intrinsic viscosity (IV) and matrix integrity
  • Causes no embrittlement, hazing or yellowing upon aging
  • Prevents blooming and premature migration
  • Has a minimal material usage rate, which is highly economical compared to in-resin options that require high loading