Anti-Static Coatings

Topical Anti-Static Solutions

ACC Stat-X™ Anti-Static Coatings

ACC’s topical anti-static/static-dissipative coatings are water-based, non-corrosive, proprietary formulations that provide effective short- and long-term static control, even in low-humidity environments. ACC Stat-X™ anti-static technology is ideal for use in flexible packaging applications requiring broad FDA compliance as well as for rigid thermoformable applications necessitating exceptional clarity and slip/denesting properties for efficient machinability. ACC Stat-X withstands the heat and stretch of the thermoforming cycle and can be formulated with “Seal-Thru™” properties.

Our Anti-Static Surface Coating Applications

Our ACC Stat-X coatings can be applied to both rigid and flexible films and can be applied in-line during extrusion or thermoforming processes. We customize our solutions so you apply them with your existing coating equipment, including roller, dip/squeegee, spray, Flexo and Rotogravure coaters. ACC Stat-X coatings can also be modified to fit your existing custom-coating equipment.

Anti-static/electrostatic-dissipative or ESD coatings are commonly used in a wide variety of anti-static packing material applications, including:

  • Processing aid to remove dust, dirt and bacteria
  • Electronic packaging
  • Automotive applications
  • Medical packaging
  • … and more

Benefits of ACC Stat-X Anti-Static Coatings

Versatile. ACC Stat-X anti-static coatings deliver exceptional, long-lasting anti-static properties on a variety of flexible and rigid substrates with end-use applications ranging from the packaging of prepared foods, lidding film and labeling to thermoformable packaging of electronic, automotive, and consumer goods.

Our Stat-X coatings deliver proven anti-static properties for:

  • Rigid substrates such as APET, RPET, PP, OPS, HIPS, PLA and many others
  • Flexible films such as OPP, PE, CO-Ex films, PLA, PET and other multi-layer structures
  • Any substrate or application including uncommon and non-standard applications

Coatings can be designed with slip, demold and/or denesting technologies built in, which eliminates the need for silicone or internal anti-block processes.

Environmentally Responsible. Our ACC Stat-X anti-static coating is a biodegradable product derived from renewable resources. It can be introduced into closed-loop or municipal recycling streams.

FDA Compliant. ACC Stat-X anti-static coatings offer FDA compliance for direct food contact applications in accordance with food additive regulations.

Value-Added Benefits. Our products provide industry-leading, value-added performance and functionality that exceed your customers’ expectations. Plus, ACC’s technical support goes above and beyond — from the initial trialing phase throughout the customers’ use of our products.


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ACC Stat-X™ Anti-Static Coatings for the Packaging Industry