Barrier Coatings

Oxygen and Moisture Barrier Coatings

ACC H2OX™ MVTR and ACC O2X™ Barrier Coatings

Our topical H2OX and O2X barrier coatings provide end-users with industry-leading moisture and oxygen barrier technology. These unique products allow for custom formulation of printable barrier coatings that can be applied using existing coating/printing equipment.

The technology is appropriate for both flexible packaging applications (e.g., pouch/lidding options) and rigid thermoformable applications (e.g., blister or tray-type structures) and it can be customized with “Seal-Thru™” properties. The coatings withstand the heat and stretch of the thermoforming cycle with minimal impact on performance.

Additional properties of ACC barrier coatings include:

  • Exceptional see-through clarity
  • Significant reduction in haze
  • A range from low barrier to ultra-high barrier by adjusting the coat weight application
  • Ability to modify to meet specific coefficient of friction (COF) targets and impart demold/denesting characteristics necessary for efficient processing

Benefits of Our Moisture and Oxygen Barrier Coatings

Economical. ACC H2OX Moisture and O2X Oxygen Barrier coatings deliver superior properties compared with those of extruded barrier resins and commercially available barrier films — at significantly lower costs.

Customizable. ACC’s barrier coatings offer flexibility in protection levels by varying application rates to meet a variety of end-user barrier requirements — from incremental barrier boosts for shelf-life extension to high-barrier applications that typically require multi-layer foil structures. Typical application rates range from 0.1 to 2.0 lbs. per ream.

Environmentally Responsible. These coatings serve as an eco-friendly substitute to films, resins and coatings that cannot be introduced into closed-loop or municipal recycling streams.

FDA Compliant. ACC H2OX Moisture and O2X Oxygen Barrier coatings are fully FDA compliant for direct food contact and under food additive regulations.

No Special Equipment Required. ACC Coatings provides custom-tailored coatings that are designed specifically for each customer’s end-use application and around existing coating equipment.

Water and Moisture Repellant. Our OGR (oil, grease resistant) coatings, designed for paper and composite substrates, repel water and moisture. They increase the wet-strength of paper products by preventing moisture from penetrating the porous surface. Thus, our barrier coatings provide a compostable and sustainable alternative to poly-coated paper.

Our Barrier Coating Applications

ACC H2OX and O2X coatings are used in a range of common packaging applications in the following industries:

  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Cosmetic
  • Consumer goods
  • Shelf-life booster/extender
  • … as well as obscure and non-standard applications in diverse industries


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