About Us

The ACC Coatings Story

Our Vision and Mission

ACC Coatings does more than sell products. We see ourselves as partners, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that helps our clients — and their customers — succeed by meeting their coating needs. When you succeed, we succeed!

Our goal is to commercialize superior coating solutions for plastic, paper and composites while advancing our clients’ businesses. We achieve that by:

  • Designing, developing and manufacturing our products in-house
  • Creating novel solutions for clients in the food, consumer, automotive, pharmaceutical and medical industries
  • Serving as technical consultants, sharing our expertise in coatings and coating applications
  • Establishing and maintaining longstanding partnerships with companies of all sizes that can benefit from what we offer

Our Values and Ideals

Our core values and ideals shape our company culture. Everyone at ACC Coatings strives each day to achieve the highest levels of:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility
  • Industriousness


A Brief History of ACC Coatings

Founder and President David Steele started ACC Coatings in 2003. He was joined by our Vice President, Glen Tomasetti, in 2004. Together, these chemists began the business with the development of the first seal-through anti-fog coatings for wide web flexible films, commonly used for the packaging of salad bags.

Following the success in that market, ACC cross-pollinated its newly developed, novel anti-fog technology with rigid thermoformable packaging. The ACC Clear™ technology proved to be a boon for the thermoforming industry and soon the technology was embraced by merchant extruders who supplied the majority of the thermoforming market.

In the wake of the 2008 economic downturn, many ACC clients restructured their businesses in a way that drastically reduced or eliminated their R&D programs. As a result, ACC Coatings organically evolved into a de facto satellite lab for our clients. We transitioned into a developer and manufacturer of custom-tailored coatings for both the flexible and rigid packaging industries, offering a multitude of technologies including anti-fog, anti-static, specialty release, silicone, barrier and texture coatings.

Founded in Middlesex, New Jersey, ACC Coatings relocated to Elkin, North Carolina after outgrowing its original facility. Today, our company boasts some of the best coating, ink, solvent- and water-based chemists in the world. We proudly offer our innovative solutions to the packaging industry.