Topical Coatings for PPE

Why PPE Manufacturers Need ACC Coatings

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) in hospitals and other health care settings has soared — and it appears that demand is holding steady. PPE manufacturers understand the importance to health care workers of having a product that allows them to communicate safely, doesn’t interfere with vision and eliminates the annoying fog that often results from breathing.

ACC Coatings wants extruders and thermoformers to be aware of the positive impact that the ACC CLEAR™ Anti-Fog coating has on PPE and their ability to sell their products to new markets. The use of ACC coatings allows PPE manufacturers to produce and sell high-quality face shields and sanitizers for commercial extrusion equipment.

Benefits of Our Coatings for PPE Manufacturers

Our topical coatings provide the instant anti-fog performance and clarity necessary for full face and mouth shields. ACC equipment coating provides:

  • The quick activation that in-resin and masterbatch coatings cannot achieve
  • No impact to clarity: keeping lenses/face shields transparent
  • Improved communication ability for wearers
  • Enhanced safety in manufacturing, commercial and personal settings