Tactile Coatings

Aesthetic and Tactile Coating Line

ACC UltraTex™ Coatings

Our UltraTex™ texture coatings convey varying levels of grit and texture to produce the desired tactile effects for both high-gloss (shine coating) and low-gloss applications.

ACC UltraMatte™ Coatings

ACC UltraMatte matte coatings transmit highly effective matting and flattening properties to packaging substrates for low gloss applications. These can be formulated with a “Soft-Feel” texture as well as Low COF [High Slip] or High COF [Anti-Skid] properties.

ACC Paper-Feel Coatings

Our Paper-Feel coatings create a super realistic Kraft-Paper feel that will give your polymeric film or sheet the look and appeal of paper. This is accomplished with our novel, proprietary coating technology that balances both texture and softness.

Benefits of Our Aesthetic and Tactile Coating Line

Versatile. This line of products can be applied to both rigid thermoformable and flexible films. Available in single-component, non-catalyzed or two-component, topical coating systems, our tactile coatings allow you to achieve varying levels of grit, texture and gloss.

Economical. Our aesthetic and tactile coating products deliver tactile properties superior to those of some extruded resin additives and other flattening agents, at a significantly lower cost — no catalyst, no pot life, no waste!

Customizable. ACC’s aesthetic and tactile line of coatings offers flexibility in achieving numerous texture profiles by changing application rates to meet a variety of end-use requirements.

  • Meet specific gloss values
  • Meet coefficient of friction (COF) values required for efficient processing or storage conditions
    • Low COF for HFFS, VFFS and other packaging machinery (e.g., dairy packaging)
    • High COF for anti-skid properties for stacking/palletized applications (e.g., large pet food bags)

Environmentally Responsible. Our tactile coatings are also available in single-component systems that eliminate the need for toxic crosslinkers and catalysts that are often considered extremely hazardous. Plus, these coatings serve as an eco-friendly substitute to films and resins that cannot be introduced into closed-loop or municipal recycling streams. The single-component technology has no catalyst, no pot life and, therefore, no waste.

FDA Compliant. ACC tactile coatings offer full FDA compliance for direct food contact and in accordance with food additive regulations.

No Special Equipment Required. Our line of tactile coatings can be applied using existing equipment, including roll, dip/squeegee, spray, Flexo and Rotogravure machinery — or we can modify the product to fit your existing custom coating equipment.

Our Tactile Coating Applications

ACC UltraTex, UltraMatte and Paper-Feel coatings are used in a range of common applications in the following industries:

  • Food
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Consumer packaging
  • Automotive
  • Government/defense
  • As well as many other novel and non-standard applications in diverse industries


ACC Aesthetic and Tactile Coatings Downloads

ACC UltraTex™ Tactile Coatings for the Packaging Industry

ACC UltraMatte™ Matte Coatings for the Packaging Industry