Sheet Extruders

Value-Added Sheet Extrusion Coating

Why Sheet Extruders Need ACC Coatings

An industry-leading specialty coatings company, ACC Coatings helps you grow your product portfolio and expand your market reach — while possibly lowering your costs. How do we do this? Extruders like yourself frequently have the equipment to apply various topical coatings but that equipment is generally delegated to applying only silicone. We’ll show you how to expand your coating capabilities through the use of your existing process and underutilized equipment.

Our coatings improve the appearance and performance of your sheet using the equipment you already have in your possession, often while reducing your costs in the process. Combining your equipment with our product lines and expert assistance opens up your business to a host of new capabilities and value-added functionalities for your extruded sheet. This allows you to differentiate your product from those of your competitors, which can increase your market share among downstream thermoformers and converters.

Benefits of Our Coatings for Sheet Extruders

ACC topical coatings provide significant advantages over in-resin and masterbatch additives. ACC sheet coating:

  • Does not interfere with the material’s polymer matrix
  • Has no impact on intrinsic viscosity (IV) and matrix integrity
  • Causes no embrittlement, hazing or yellowing upon aging
  • Prevents blooming and premature migration
  • Has a minimal material usage rate, which is highly economical compared to in-resin options that require high loading

In addition, our solutions are applied using equipment often found on extrusion lines, such as a silicone wash station or liquid coating applicator. Likely candidates can be selected and/or modified for a wide range of coating methodologies.